Back in 2008, Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba Fett) kindly agreed to let me take a cast of his face of which I would eventually add to my Boba Fett Mannequin.

The evolution of Man, from Neanderthal all the way through to the most feared Bounty Hunter.

The very first BM tee shirt, a classic silhouette captured from The Empire Strikes Back.

The latest in the series, a freestyle Boba Fett pose drawn in a three colour graffiti style.

Because this was going to be such a unique item, we agreed to make 30 copies available to members of 'The Dented Helmet' forum, all numbered and signed. This was a non-profit making venture, TDH members quickly snapped up all 30 copies. To complete this project I presented Jeremy with his own Bronze coldcast copy together with the finished mould.