Hey DAZ,

Received your Boba items today, AWESOME! I guess it's still hard for me to believe that someone like yourself, a whole continent away, can get such superior quality items to me so much quicker than many suppliers here in the states. I wish I would of just had you build everything for me from the get go! Maybe I can have you do a fully finised Helmet for me, when I'm not under such time constraints!

Eric (USA)

Hi Daz

Well the bucket arrived today, what can I say but "WORK OF BLOODY GENIUS" I am truly astounded at the sheer quality and craftsmanship, I'm not sure I have the words in my vocabulary to fully justify your work!!!!

You can put that up on your site with the other comments. Expect more custom from me in the future.

Many, many thanks and kind regards.

Dan (UK)

Hi Daz,

Stuff arrived today. Everything looks fab! You are truly skilled, and did a super job. I couldn't be happier! Thanks a bunch for outstanding work, and for being very professional, from our first contact down to every detail, such as how carefully all the things were packed up when the arrived.


Fredrik (Sweden)

Hey Daz

You're killing me!!!! The Vest and stickers arrived today, and man, it fits like a glove!!!! Top notch product from an awesome guy!!!! Thanks so much for getting it out so quick!!!!!

Volker (Germany)

Hello DAZ,

Today the parcel arrived. Absolutely highest premium quality - fantastic pieces of artwork. Thank you very much!  I'm looking forward to ordering my next costume upgrades.

Andreas (Germany)

Hey Daz,

I just wanted to give you a quick update that I received everything in perfect order earlier this week, I am awestruck.

You are the KING. I am extremely pleased :)

Sindre (Norway)


I received my armor today, and i must say, im as impressed as I hoped for.. maybe more.. I rarely seen anything as well crafted as this.. I am very pleased.. I will write something to you that you can put on your website, but currently, im too exited about getting started painting and such to think straight hehe.. Thank you so very much, and keep up the great work.. i will return soon with something you can put on your website ;)...

Regards, Paw (Denmark)

My flightsuit arrived yesterday, it fits PERFECTLY. True craftmanship!! I'm really impressed!!

Greets, Ruben (Netherlands)


Yesterday I received your Boba Items!!I just want to thank you ‘cause everything’s amazing!! All items are perfect.. the helmet, the armor, the  jetpack…You are the only BOBAMAKER!!

I’m so happy Daz, and what can I say? Wow! Today… I’m still lost for words.

You can put that up on your site with the other comments ‘cause your items are the best I have ever seen and can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me in this hard work!!

Well  Daz…I will be ordering more from you!!

Thank, thank you so much and take care yourself man!!

Salvo (Italy)

IT ARRIVED!!!!! Wow! It's beyond what I could have imagined. Viewing every possible picture of your helmets and paint jobs on line over the past year is nothing compared to having it in my hands (and on my head). I know it's been said before, but it truly is a work of art! Thank you again, and I'm sure you'll see me post pics of it on The Dented Helmet in the days to come. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your reliable communication throughout the past few months. I'm sure I will be in contact soon to upgrade some of my other Fett needs.

Thank you sooo much again,

Matt (USA)


I've had a good look over the helmet this weekend and can honestly say it's the best kit I've had, really looking forward to getting going on this one!

Thanks Again

Andy (UK)

Hi Bobamaker.

I recived my order 2 days ago. It looks amazing, all the details and how it looks, just perfect. All fits really well, I cannot find the words to describe how pleased I am.

I think you are better than Master Replicas.

Louis (Norway)

Hi Daz,

I finally received my order today. I just wanted to thank you sincerely. The quality of your craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, I am blown away. I was like a child on Christmas morning opening each item this evening, I nearly shed a tear when I saw the helmet & jetpack, just amazing work. I would just like to thank you Daz, it was well worth the wait and I hope to do business with you in the near future.

Kind regards

James (Ireland)

Hi Daz,

Over the past 3 years I have bought every type of star wars helmet in plain fiberglass and one in resin and yours has been the finest quality in every way. The way it all fits and the sharpness of the casting is simply breathtaking and is worth every single penny, I normally have to do days of work even to get these things to the quality that I can even primer them. I can't praise it enough and would like to send you photos of the finished piece if thats ok.

Many thanks

Clark (UK)

Hi Daz

Just received my Boba fett helmet. Wow what a amazing piece of workmanship! I am amazed it fits my huge head with room to spare. Well worth the money Daz I cannot praise you enough.

Keep up the top quality work my friend, Bobamaker reigns supreme!!!

Dean (UK)


I got your order yesterday; quality work once again! I dropped the cod down the stairs on accident and it bounced like 5 times and slammed on the back wall and back down to the hard floor....not a single part was damaged! Thank you for making such quality armor.

Travis (USA)

Hi Daz!

Finally got my hands on the helmet/armor, and what can I say... All the items are so amazing, and I can´t really thank you enough for the brilliant job you have done with both the sculpting and painting. You should change your name to Bobamaster!


Morten (NORWAY)


The order arrived yesterday. Thanks a lot. The Jango suit and vest fit and the helmet is a true piece of art. Thanks for the amazing job you did on it!!! I'll keep an eye on your page, maybe there are more things you can do for me one day.

Felt like Christmas, Easter and Birthday combined :)

Andrea (GERMANY)

Just amazing!!! I can’t thank you enough for everything!!! The flight suit and flak jacket fit like a glove, I do not need to alter anything at all. I’m gonna have to get more money to get the rest of my suit!!!! Wow Thank you again sooooo much!!!!

Thanks a million

Jarrod (USA)

Daz, the ESB helmet arrived today. Man this is just bad assed to put it bluntly....... Thank you for taking the time to help me on my quest in building Fett.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. Because of the suit I got off of you, your work, your paintjob, your weathering.... I am now officially part of the 501st Legion.  And how fitting it's in the 30th Anniversary Year of The Empire Strikes Back!

So...thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Without your amazing work, talent, skill and pure artistry, I'd never have been able to do this.

Jay (USA)

Daz, received it today, I can only tell you that it is magnificent, thanks for a really smooth transaction, your patience and supreme service and communication. The helmet its a work of art, I cannot thank you enough.

Best regards

Efrain (USA)

Hi buddy

just letting you know... "MISSION COMPLETED !!"

I got your armour today and can i just say.... "totally f**k*n awesome!!!!!" you are a legend!! this stuff is amazing!!

Damian (Australia)


I received my jetpack today, I'm amazed, the quality makes it look like something you'd purchased off the shelf. The paint job is brilliant, very subtle and natural looking, if terms like this can be applied to a jetpack ;)  Thank you very much.

Phil (UK)

Hey Daz,

Received the package today! everything is in perfect condition! Can't believe how awesome this looks! every part is highly detailed and extremely accurate!

Thanks again so much for your time, effort and excellent service, definately worth the wait. Put that on your feedback!

Thanks again!

Berry (Netherlands)

Hi Daz,

I just want to thank you you for your incredible work. Everything is just perfect and the paintjob is awesome. Soft parts are also great and fits me well :) I'm amazed by each part you've done. I don't have enough words to express myself and thank you for being able to make my dream child come true.

Thanks again !!

Olivier (France)

Hey Daz,

Just a quick email to let you know I received my order yesterday. Thank you so much. Everything is perfect, I am especially impressed with the paint job on the helmet. Couldn't wish for better. Thanks again for all your time and help.

Carl (Jersey)

Hi Daz

Just to let you know the helmet arrived today. All I can say is WOW, thanks very much.

Adam (UK)

Package just arrived today. Everything is BEAUTIFUL. The helmet is gorgeous, the armor plates look fantastic, the vest and flightsuit are incredible! It was worth every penny, and well worth every breathless second that I waited.

I cannot thank you enough. Rest assured I will be very happy to do business with you again in the future.

George (USA)


I received my order on Friday! You did a spectacular Job!!! Thank you very much!!!

Thank you again!!!

Gianco (Spain)

Package just arrived today. Everything is BEAUTIFUL. The helmet is gorgeous, the armor plates look fantastic, the vest and flightsuit are incredible! It was worth every penny, and well worth every breathless second that I waited.

I cannot thank you enough. Rest assured I will be very happy to do business with you again in the future.

George (USA)

Daz --

What the hell is this? Seriously what the hell is this? I ordered a Boba Fett Helmet, and I got a masterpiece. I mean I am contacting the security at the Louvre to let them know I am in possession of their missing boba helmet. I am blown away, the craftsmanship is beyond the measure of amazing. I just looked at the box for 30 minutes before opening it, and when I did i was blown away. I cannot wait to place more orders with you. Which I will be soon.

Thanks it is amazing.

Anthony (USA)


A few years ago I ordered a full suit of armor from you, mixed to make a personalized suit for myself. I have, to this date NEVER seen anyone with Star Wars armor of this quality. I’ve been to several conventions every year since, and I meet people again and again that are impressed with the armor. I am at this point close friends with several actors from the original movies, and every single one of them have been impressed by the quality. Even when I met the great Jeremy bulloch (the actor playing Boba in the movies), he was so impressed by the armor that he wanted to take a pic with him and me side by side. And to this date, my armor is my most valued posession.

Paw (Denmark)

The Helmet came today! About 10 minutes ago. All I have to say is...well...I don't know what to say. I'm a New Yorker, so exclamations of wonder and amazement usually manifests themselves in the form of rampant profanity bookended by words like "Holy"....

I know you hear this alot...but seriously...your work is absolutely incredible and I REALLY can't wait for the whole complete suit now. I can tell already it's well worth every minute, every penny. Amazing.....Staring at this thing and looking at the hundreds of photos and reference I've collected over the years and it's ....just...plain...exact....

Your reputation does not do you justice...

My wife's eyes widened and I think my kids are going to mess their shorts when they get home from school and see this thing...


Thanks again, and oh my Lord...Holy $%^&!!!

Jay (USA)

Hello Daz,

I'm sitting here surrounded by bubble wrap in absolute awe. The outfit fits like a glove (still don't know how you managed that) and as for the rest of the stuff, well I think you've heard it all before so I'll get straight to the point. Can you paint them for me and how much will it be? Stupidly I thought I'd be able to have a crack at painting the gauntlets myself, but now I've seen the armour I'm afraid that idea's out the window!

Once again, thanks for a fantastic job, this really is stunning stuff.

Thanks, Fergus (UK)


Jango props arrived safe and sound! Just showed up here at work about 5 mins ago. Opened some of it up and took a look, it's all EXCELLENT. The vest is nice and heavy, thick, and REEKS of high quality leather, I love it. The flight suit is sturdy, and both fit perfectly. All the armor is polished and looks amazing! HUGE upgrade to the sheet steel parts I had been using!!

Thank you VERY much. I am seriously amazed at the quality of this stuff.



I've received your package yesterday, and I might say, you are an artist!!!!!!!!!

It arrived in perfect condition, I love my rangefinder!!!! I can't wait to assemble it to my helmet!!!!

Thank you so much for all the trouble and work. You're going to hear from me again soon, to order my Han Solo's head!! Thanks once again!

Best regards,

Hugo (Portugal)

Well Daz... (email 1)

Got my lid and all I can say is holy f##k… unreal. Heard loads of good things about you on forums but I didn’t think it would be ILM standards, if not better, so thank you very much I’m really, really happy cheerrrrs.

Well Daz... (email 2)

I’m still lost for words. I’m still sitting here at 23:45 still looking at my new bucket and the old one... your version / ILM If I may say again, yours looks better than the real thing... so thank you very much.

Darren (Northern Ireland)

HI Daz

Your package arrived yesterday and all I can say is you are the best!!!! I am so happy, some tears in my eyes when I saw the jetpack. All professional, it’s amazing. The painting is stunningly beautiful. RESPECT YOU ARE THE MAN. thx a lot.

Dirk (Switzerland)

Hello Daz

Jetpack arrived today. Wow, that’s awesome work, very good packing for shipment. I'm so impressed that I was thinking of purchasing more items in the near future. Comparison is so perfect to the original. Thank you very much!!!!

Roger (Canada)


The helmet arrived today, wow! Talk about great workmanship. I was VERY impressed both by the ultra smooth and crisp cast/finish as with the sculpt itself. Hey come to think about it, just the rangefinder piece is a true work of art by itself, superb mate! I would full heartily recommend your work to anyone who asks me for a Boba helmet! And you can quote me on that!

Steve "the Swede" (Sweden)

Hey DAZ,

The items arrived today, and damn man, that's some beautiful casting! Expect some more business! I'm gonna be upgrading this year, and if the rest of your gear is up to this standard I'll be more than happy!

Dean (New Zealand)

Hey there Daz,

I got the knee guards and darts today, and they're awesome! I really intend on doing more business with you, you're a good reliable person with great communication, your shipping and handling is excellent... and most importantly: good quality, movie accurate, you get what you see on the pictures.

Awesome, really!

Kilian (Netherlands)


I just got the package today and I'm super happy with the Fett goods! These Jetpack nozzles are the best I've ever seen! And the earpiece is perfect! Thanks a ton Daz. These items will really add a lot to my project :-)

Chris (USA)

Hi Daz

Just to let you know the Boba Fett Flak Jacket arrived this morning. What can I say? Wow! A superb piece of craftmanship!! I'm very grateful to you for making this item available.

Til next time, best wishes,

Andrew (UK)

DAZ, Got the package today! The stuff absolutely exceeded my expectations! It looks totally amazing. Thanks so much for giving me a break on the weathering, it's fantastic.

Eric (USA)

Hi Daz.

Your package arrived to day and all I can say is wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your helmet kit is amazing, I have owned a few different types of fett helmets and this one is by far the best, you truly are an artist.

Expect more bussiness from me in the future!

Thank you ever so much.

Richard (UK)

Hi Daz,

I got the helmet today I was so excited to open it, from what I’ve read you are one of the best Fett makers around and MAN!!!  Let me say they are right, you are truly amazing I love your work and attention to detail. I will be ordering more from you, you can count on it. I will let everyone know you are the man to order from, I can't wait to order the rest off of you.

Thx a million my friend.

Len (Canada)